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  • Cylinder Head Port, Polish, Deck and CC
  • Total Motor Blueprinting
  • Rod Straightening
  • Boring and Honing
  • Complete Motor Balancing
  • Piston Modifications / Skirt Moly Coating
  • Cylinder Sleeving
  • Magnafluxing
  • Dyno Tuning

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We can supply the following top notch high performance motors:

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  • Complete High Performance Motors

    Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford

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    Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Chrysler, Dodge and Ford

Supercharged, Turbo Charged, Blowers, and Custom Setups are our business

Honda VTEC Engine Block Sleeving

Eddies Performance is now offering Honda Engine Block Sleeving for all Honda/Acura Import Engines series H22, B16A, B18AB, B18C, B20B. Our honda block sleeving is a reliable way to boost the performance in your honda or acura engine. Eddies performance utilizes precision CNC equipment for honda sleeve installations which assures proper tolerances time and time again without any mistakes. Of course all our blocks are tested and re-tested to assure the reliability that our customers deserve.

The Eddies Honda Block Sleeving Process

Block sleeving is the process of replacing part of the stock cylinder walls and pressing in a new Iron Ductile Sleeve into the block. We machine out the entire sleeve are of the engine and replace it with a customs sleeve that integrate with the top of the cylinder block. The iron ductile sleeves we use at Eddies are much thicker than the stock cylinders and therefore very reliable. The reasons many of our customers sleeve their blocks is to increase displacement with a bigger bore and to strengthen the block for high boost applications.

Increasing the displacement on a Honda/Acura block is achieved through bigger bore size pistons or stroking the motor through different rods length and modifications on the crank. But in this case, we are focusing on sleeving the block, so bigger bore sizes usually increase 1.8L B18 blocks all the way to 2.1L and slightly more. Since stock Acura/Honda blocks can only go .5 to 1mm overbore, we would need to sleeve the block to be able to do 3mm and even up to 6mm overbore on these B-series motors.

This is a common thing to do in all honda/acura motor setups. B18 motors usually go 84mm to become a 2.0L, while a B16 with 84mm bore will be about 1.8L max bore on all motor race setups are 87mm bore while reliable bore for the street maxes out at 84mm. In effect, the bigger displacement usually end up in higher torque numbers in these setups.

Bigger bore blocks are also done in Turbo setups. But bore size is kept usually at 84mm max to still have a thick sleeve for strength on these high boost/high pressure applications. We personally don’t feel the need for big bore on Turbo setups. Many racers have been successful in making large amounts of HP with just an 81 or 81.5mm bore and have achieved a 1/4 mile time of around 10 seconds with a true daily driven car such as a honda civic or acura using pump gas when driving around town.

The other big reason to sleeve a block is to strengthen the block to be able to handle the high pressures during boost. The stock sleeves can actually handle a good amount of pressure, but in very extreme conditions, you need a block is prepped with a thick sleeve to hold these pressures. At boost, the block experiences more pressure than normal and can cause distortion and movement of the walls due to the heat and pressure. With these sleeves, it prevents that and keeps the block in tact to handle more stress than normal.

Honda/Acura Stock Sleeved Block VS Sleeved Block

On a B-series motor, we have pushed the limits to the high teens. We have done 17-18psi boost on stock sleeved block . It will work ok at the very best tuning conditions. But we do recommend SLEEVING the block when you are reaching 14+ psi. This will ensure you have the block ready for those extreme stress the block will go through at that much boost. A sleeved block can handle over 40psi of boost. But 99% of turbo setups, would not go past the 25-30psi range anyways, so the sleeves are adequate enough for many turbo motors out there. And Max bore we usually go with is 84mm. The sleeves that we have put in can handle 55psi of boost.

On D-series blocks, 10-12psi is usually the max we take it up to. More than 12 psi, we recommend sleeving the block already. For D-series blocks, the most we’d go on a turbo setup is a 77mm bore. We actually prefer keeping the 75 or 75.5mm bore on turbo D-series since piston choices are easier at that bore size. Anything bigger than 75.5mm bore is usually custom pistons and will cost more money.

Our turn around time is second to none. Your block can be done within 10 – 15 working days and we also offer an express service that gets your block done in 5 days.

Quality Control With Your Engine Is Our #1 Priority

At Eddies Performance quality control is an important factor in our customer experience. Careful measures in checking and double checking clearances is our precedence in producing a fast, reliable engine that will bear our responsibility.

If you would like to discuss your application please give us a call on our toll free number 1-800-471-2325 from 9am to 5pm EST.


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